First Things First

So, as I wrote in the “about” section, my name is Galit and I like to create things.
And since I try my best to focus most of my efforts these days to creating and selling my wallets, I figure they make a pretty good first post’s topic.

my wallets. w00t!

The reason I started making these is very simple actually: I needed a wallet. Now, since I am usually quite picky about my wallets, and since I happen to know a few things about sewing and such, I set along to make myself the practical wallet I needed. I knew it had to be small enough to fit in my back pocket (I avoid taking a bag with me when I can), and it also had to be big enough to contain cash money without folding, all my cards and small change and a place to put my beloved hubby’s picture, of course! Oh, and it HAD to be cute.

I took a spare piece of yellow printed denim that I made for an earlier project, and decided to add more color by using a big decorated button and a bright zipper, but mainly through the use of colorful threads: the wallet was joined externally with an overlock sewing machine which really help me to enhance the colorful threads volume.

For some long months I used my wallet continuously, and whenever I took it out to pay for something (and it happens a lot, I’m afraid…), no matter if I was in Tel-Aviv or Tokyo, I kept receiving compliments for it, and got asked from where did I get it, and so on.
Finally, a few months ago, I was trying to figure out in which project to immerse myself, when I realized that I already have a solid product that people have proven to want, and all I need to do now is to find a profitable way to give it to them.

Good luck me!

You can find some of my wallets in my Etsy shop.


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