My First Pumpkin

I’ve been spending the last 2 months at PEI, Canada (one more month to go!), and so, the past week I got to experience my first-ever Halloween. I decided to take the time to experience it fully: I got a pumpkin and a 1.5$ carving kit and started to work…

Step 1: get a pumpkin.

Step 2: open up a hatch on top.

Step 3: clean it up.

Step 4: let the carving begin!

This was fun. Maybe next year I’ll give it another try, this time with some other, more common fruit I could find in Israel. An eggplant perhaps?…


2 responses to “My First Pumpkin

  1. אהבתי את הצילומים….

  2. זה כזה מגניב! את אדירה 🙂

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