Crocodile Rock

It’s weird how inspiration can come. Before College I thought inspiration would normally come after and according to a necessity, or a defined project. While at college itself they teach us that when you start a project, you first need to find your inspiration, through mainly pictures and such, and only when you know what is the definition of your project, you can attach to this vague idea the right materials.
but in real life, I usually find myself first of all with the material. The right material gives me a feeling of whats to come way before anything else. Through that fabric or plastic or whatnot I develop the product, as if (much like a marble sculpture) it was there all along, just waiting to be carved out of the raw material.
such is the case of the crocodile rock hand bag.
I found this hideous, bimbo-ish, glossy green, plastic padding material. this “fabric” would look utterly disgusting on anything: it was practically a plastic crocodile sold by the meter.
I had to have it.
So I did. And I made it into the only thing acceptable in crocodile: a crocodile itself. I made this bag as a joke, and so I must admit I didn’t pay too much attention to quality issues, and for that I do regret, for as soon as my sister and my cousin set foot in my apartment they fell in love with it, and each, in her turn, demanded it for her own. after a few weeks in which I was torn between them, my sister finally decided to take control of the new pet and simply stated a fact by handing me cash money and adding that she is waiting for the matching wallet as well…


3 responses to “Crocodile Rock

  1. אוי, אני עדיין מאוד רוצה אותו!
    יש כאן מעט מדי תמונות מכדי להעביר את הגאוניות שלו. במיוחד חסר תקריב של האף שעשוי נהדר.

  2. Galit – you are so genius!!!
    the bag is amazing – and i receiving a lot of compliments when i’m with it.
    I totally agree with Dafna – you need to put more photos of the “nose” area …

  3. hmmm… I’m not sure I have a close up photo of the nose\nostrils. I’ll see what I can do.

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