Full-size Miniature Houses (and the people who love them)

I think it would be safe to say, that the thing I loved most about living in a small town Canada (other than being on a complete and perfect vacation) was the houses.

I stayed for 2.5 months at a hotel, but wherever I turned I was surrounded by beautiful, colorful, romantic, wooden houses, just like in the movies.

I am not usually a ground-floor-private-house sort of person. They usually get too cold  in the winter and too hot at summer, you risk water leaks from the roof and way too much bugs who find their way inside, and did you notice how all of the horror movies always take place at such houses? I guess it wouldn’t be much of a movie if the apartment was on the 4th floor, with bars on the windows and just one door, made of decent steel and a good lock…

I like my privacy very much, and yet I do not wish to be completely isolated like  so many people are in Canada. I mean, moonlight is great for vacations, but when I come home from work after sunset, I want to see street lights around me, not stars.

But still, whenever I walk past such a house I immediately fall in-love, again and again and again. So, what can a city girl like me do when I see all of these amazing houses, and know they have no room in a place like my beloved city?


Beside taking a lot of serene and kitschy pictures, and fantasizing about placing such a castle on top of some crappy apartment house roof in Israel, there isn’t really much to do.



That is, of course, besides the possibility of creating a miniature.

I should explain. I was doing some research work online for a comic I drew, and I needed a good photo of the flying house from the “Up” movie by Pixar. One thing led to another and I found myself at “Themodelmaker” blog, in a two-year-old post, about creating a miniature model of the “Up” house. This house is a real beauty by itself (and so is the movie, BTW), and very much resembles the houses I sew in Canada.

Michal Miszta shares the blueprints of the miniature on the site  and although it seems like they require a laser cutter, I still want to give it a shot and see what I can do, as it is just too charming to pass.

To be continued, hopefully.


Also, if you happen to look through Michal’s site, I highly recommend checking out the amazing Victorian house from “Coraline”. Again – it is tiny, and perfect.


One response to “Full-size Miniature Houses (and the people who love them)

  1. I love your small yellow house and its detail! Looks like it would be fun to make!

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