My Stupid Sock Sofa Creatures

On my previous to last birthday I received an excellent present from two of my friends, Limor and Anastasia: the Stupid Sock Creatures bookthe kit and kit, which includes everything I might need to create my very own, personal, sock doll. One of the best things regarding such a gift, is the implication of a future creative get-together, in which the present given will be put to good use, an implication of great added value, if it indeed takes place.

In this case, we most certainly got together, and the three of us had a great evening of cutting, sewing and obsessing about socks. The book itself is very cute, contains detailed explanations and a variety of styles to choose from. For us, though, it was helpful mainly as an inspirational/motivational tool, since we all know how to sew and create, and just needed a little push.

Galit's Stupid Sock Creatures

I’ve created one sock creature that day, and matched it with a partner in the following week, so it wouldn’t get lonely. They are both modeled in the spirit of the creatures in the book, but in a mix-and-match way, and with some improvements of my own, to make them unique. They are named Moses and Greta Garbo, which in Hebrew have nice puns involving the word ‘sock’ (גרטה גרבו ומשה גרבנו).

After sewing these first two cuties, I’ve decided to wait a while until my next doll creation, since between my stupid sock creatures and my Mr. hanky and Mono dolls, our living room increasingly looks like a nine-year-old girl’s and less like a married couple’s.

I guess what I probably need is baby, so I would have someone allegeable to pin these dolls’ and the future ones to… so, as I was saying, yes, I’m gonna take some more time until my next doll creation.


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