Lego Revisited

"the city was saved. but at what cost???"

Last November I was fortunate enough to find myself in New-York City, after a 13 hours drive from PEI, Canada. As it was my first visit ever, I went to all the famous places and main attractions and museums, and tried hard not to focus only on sh0pping, shopping, shopping. And so I went to visit the Rockefeller Center, with the skating arena and a huge Christmas tree waiting to be revealed. It was getting dark outside and we were underdressed for the cold weather, so we took cover in the big Lego shop on the square.

 Rockefeller Center in Lego

The shop was cramped with cool Lego statues and models, and featured a wall with round Lego containers, sorted by shape and color, of which you could choose the exact Lego parts you needed, instead of buying a regular retail box.

The Wall

Granted, I couldn’t leave empty handed, so ,I grabbed a plastic cup and filled it mainly with flower pieces from “The Wall”.  I figured I could use them someday for jewelry assembly.

my cup of lego

I am not yet sure what to do with my loot, though I do have a few initial ideas for a necklace and rings. For now, I have collected for you other people’s great Lego projects that I found online, and that’s without even mentioning the endless video clips and statues available out there.

After seeing some of these creations,I tend to think  that if I saw them earlier I would have probably changed the combination of pieces I chose to buy.

I guess that regarding fashion accessories, anything Lego-related has peaked about 3 years ago,  when Marc Jacobs presented his Spring/Summer 2008 Marc collection, which included  Lego blocks head pieces, brooches and belt buckles by Dee and Ricky Jackson.


Naturally, after the fashion show, Lego accessories were on the rise. Here is a simple tutorial for crafting Lego belt and head piece just like Marc’s.

vogue russia 2008

tie Dee and Ricky's bird brooches

And in other creative, non-fashion, Lego topics:

A simple and cute  idea to build a Lego cover book


or  much more ambitious projects such as The George Nelson’s Platform Bench rebuilt in Lego (specifically, I couldn’t buy the Lego parts for this in NY anyway, due to too much room and weight in my suitcase…):


Or if you really want to get carried away, this charming kitchen might be good for you, as long as you can afford 20,000 pieces of Lego, that is.

lego kitchen

However, the ideas that caught me the most were actually the ones that dared to look at Lego blocks in a completely new way, and thus they offer utterly fresh projects, instead of your classic “build”  Lego use:

Check out these extremely seductive instructions of how to cook Lego brick’s shaped gummy candies:

Yummy Legos

And of course if you go through the trouble of creating such a mold, you might as well use it for other stuff as well, like soaps or chocolates.

And my personal favorite: Physical fiction is selling pixelated prints created by an ingenious idea of harvesting Lego blocks for letterpress prints, and I absolutely adore this concept, and plan to go over the big Lego box at my parents place in search for the right parts for this to happen at my personal home studio as well.





2 responses to “Lego Revisited

  1. Cool. I think the print-press Lego is especially full of cool, and would like to see what you scheme up with those creative ideas.

  2. I love lego – and i didn’t know that it could be used in so many awesome ways.

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