Sweatering Friday

Yesterday was sort of a crafting-gatherings day. I received invitations to no less then 3 different social crafting related events that may or may not include the word “Party” in their titles. It was a bit too much for one day, so I ended up going only to two of them.  And so, while my husband was lying at home with fever, I went out to report.

Silly old me forgot to bring my camera with me, and for that I should get reprimanded. But nonetheless I decided yesterday’s adventures were still worth writing – so anyway, not so many photos this time.

I received the first invitation about a month ago, which was a good thing as it needed some amount of preparation. This event was titled “An Exchange Party”, and held a genius basic concept: each participant cleans up her closet, refolds all the shirts and generally makes sure her closet is set for the none-existing winter we have. So far it sounds pretty familiar, but now I was supposed to take the insane pile of out-of-date, unneeded clothes I’ve created, and take them with me to the exchange party at Danielle’s house. The idea was that each participant would browse through her friend’s stuff for special findings, and thanks to the large amount of girls, the fun and findings  factors would rise. After the party ends, all the excess items are donated to charity.  I think the thing that really gets the whole thing rolling is the fact that unlike any other way of passing second hand items, this method relies on how much we care for how our friends sees us. we are not just throwing out clothes, nor giving it away: instead, people we know (more and less) are exposed to our junk, and so, we can’t help ourselves and try to fill our give-away pile with a lot of good-looking clothes,  and by that we are not only clearing our closets from stuff we haven’t worn since Dec’ 98, but also help out those in need, and giving something a bit more attractive than a worn out night-gown and sweatpants.

On the hour and a half I spent there there I met only 2 friends, and yet there were plenty of clothes to pick from the piles left by previous visitors. However, since my main target was to clear room in my tiny closet, I settled for adopting a cute all-over print shirt and a Light salmon pink sweater, and nothing more.

new-old stuff

I got the second suggestion from another friend, Shiri, that had heard about  this cool one day printing session, in which you can bring your own t-shirt or other clothing item, and customize it to your taste using different printing methods, such as screen printing and tie dye.

This was originally set for the previous Friday, and it attracted me mainly for the social aspect of it, the get-together and chat and laughter, as I already studied the printing part and own some printing equipment at home. Unfortunately the organizers of this workshop had to move it at the last minute to the following week, which made it rudely crash into the exchange party. So Shiri, Ofra and Keren went without me, and I hadn’t had the chance to check out their results.

The third invitation was sent to me only a couple of days ago, by Dora, to an “Artsy-Craftsy Day”, which included going to the fabric shops street in the morning, and later meeting up at her place to sew and create together with friends. I skipped the shopping part and instead got there in the early afternoon, equipped with my yarn and knitting needles and ready do some serious work.

Each girl worked on something different: cutting freshly bought  corduroy fabric for a hand bag, assembling  a sleek green pencil dress, sewing flowery couch cushion, creating tiny “Dollsis” from felt or constructing a jewelry rack out of cork board. I was working on my future sweater, real slowly, as I tend to get more chatty and less productive at these sort of events… also, I am not much of a knitter quite yet, and it certainly shows. But, I do keep optimistic, knowing that even if that sweater is just wishful thinking, at least it makes me practice the moves, so it increases the chance that my next knitting project will be completed.


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