The Leftover All Stars Dye (Walkthrough)

Galit's Leftovers

Remember how I told you, in the previous post about my All Star shoe, that each student worked on one shoe? Well, by their nature, shoes come in pairs. And this project had left some unused shoes, such as my remaining left/right shoe… So when we were all at the final stages of the Converse project I searched our class for a matching lonely shoe, and found it.

Dye, dye, dye my darlingNow I had an extra pair of Chuck Tailors, about my size. But they were just too white! I’ve decided to dye them purple. I like purple.

I was worried that the Chuck Tailor stars might get dyed as well in the process, so first of all I started by covering them up good with duct tape.

Then I took a pot and prepared the fabric dye by its instructions,  mixing it with boiling water, adding lukewarm water and some salt. I placed the shoes (without the shoelaces) on top of  the pot’s edges upside down, so that only a quarter of the shoe was actually in the mixture, and let it sit there while the color was climbing up through the fibers of the fabric.

After about 10-20 minutes I carefully took the shoes out, making sure they first finished dripping pigment and won’t stain themselves.

Next, I dipped the shoelaces in the dye, this time soaking only the middle part of each shoelace. I let them stay 20 minutes in the dye, but the color didn’t take as well on them, because they contain different fabric composition (i.e. its 100% synthetic) than the shoes body, but it was good enough for me.

After the shoes were dry, I peeled off the duct tape from the stars, which were really left clean, and cut down a few centimeters of the shoe top, firstly because this 7 holes model is a bit too high for my taste, but also because I didn’t want the customization to be over so quickly… Anyway I left 5 holes, and reinforced the hemlines with a strong embroidery thread.

When I threaded the shoelaces in their place the color game I attempted to play got in sync, and showed a nice double color gradient on the white-purple scale: once with the shoes and again with the shoelaces.

Purple Gradient Dye DIY


2 responses to “The Leftover All Stars Dye (Walkthrough)

  1. Coolness! I also love purple!

  2. Ohhh I remember those! Great idea.
    Makes me want to dye my white sneakers

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