How To Turn Toilet Paper Into Fame & Fortune

You know my phone-book dress? So, a few months after I made it, and gained some paper dresses “manufacturing” experience, I read about this toilet-paper dresses contest online, and thought that hey, this looks like a fun project to sign up for – and there is a nice prize for the winner! I should try this out.

I’ve used 6 rolls of toilet paper for this project, and loads of white glue, which I have used both for gluing the pieces together, as well as for hardening the toilet paper and creating papier-mâché for the corset part.

I worked separately on the top and bottom parts, and after almost everything was done, I’ve connected the corset to the skirt by sewing it carefully together.

The part I liked the least was figuring out how to zip/button/close the damn thing, when all I could use was TP… Finally I settled for creating a TP lace and threading it through holes in the back, quite like a classic corset.

front TP dress

birdy hair piece

back TP dress


I like my dress, and it was fun to make (especially the part where I sculpted the little birds), but I really do look at it as a craft project and not a design project, since the most innovative thing about it was the exclusive use of toilet paper, and it was a given. I was mainly trying to appeal to what I thought was an all-American taste, with the corset and lots of cleavage and a flowery pattern. The choice of the length of the skirt was a combination of two reasons: firstly I love short skirts and legs in general, and basically don’t tend to design dresses below the knee. The second reason is that from viewing previous years’ contestants I notices their designs were purely on the conservative long gowns basis, and thought my design would really stick out among them if it was really short and fun.

Well, anyway it worked. At some point I was told that the judges like my photos and I have made it to the top twenty finalists, so I needed to somehow box up the dress and ship it to Florida for final judging. A while later I received an email congratulating me for being the Grand Prize Winner of the 2010 Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, and I won my (hopefully not last) fifteen minutes of internet fame



2 responses to “How To Turn Toilet Paper Into Fame & Fortune

  1. איזו גינה מקסימה! ותמונות נהדרות!
    באמת שמלה נהדרת.
    קצת חבל שלא קיבלת אותה חזרה. ולו רק בשביל הציפורים.

  2. תודה באמת על ה”סט” וגם על החנופה 🙂
    ידעתי שלא מחזירים את השמלה אחר כך, וגם אין לי מה לעשות איתה, הייתי מעיפה אותה לפח/ממחזרת (בתור נייר -טואלט בסטנד-ביי?). עקרונית היא אמורה להיות מוצגת אי-שם באחד ממוזיאוני ריפלי.

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