Spreading the rejection around

Yesterday I received news that my design for the OutBox competition was not chosen, so I might as well show it to you here – there will not be another chance for that…

The competition, in which designers are challenged to create a design for a tin box, is being held for the third time. The 10 chosen designs are indeed manufactured and sold in limited editions, and all revenues are donated to  at risk youth.

This year’s topic was simply “color”, and at first I didn’t expect to win at all, but as I started working on it I really fell in love with my own creation, and thought it might get far.

The topic “Color” is almost impossibly wide, so I’ve decided to take one step back and view the actual tools that allow me to insert colors into my world: the paint tubes and brushes. I wanted to show the textures and the richness that is created by one of the most beautiful and exciting creations that we tend to throw away, our color palette. All this, while keeping in mind that this is a box, and suggesting what would be stored in it.

This is my design, this time for your judgment.



2 responses to “Spreading the rejection around

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  2. Love this 3D collage
    I would hang this in my (so called) workshop 🙂

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