My Drilled “Toof”

It seems lately like the only posts I have time for are the ones about contests! I promise it will change soon, but for now, one more little contest:

I’ve been following the charming “My milk toof” comics since May 2009. Though the storylines are very children-oriented, I think Inhae Lee’s photographs  themselves are lovely, and keep following her posts because of them.

The Adventures of ickle and Lardee  are about to come out in a book on march 9th, and for that occasion she is  having a fun contest, in which her readers are welcome to send in photographs  of their own milk toof designs, and maybe win a signed copy of the book.

I’ve decided to enter the competition, as it gives me an excuse to finally try and create a cute milk toof of my own.

So meet Cavitoof, my Cavitated entry, and you can view the other contestants here.

Cavitoof had too much sweets!


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