Saturday Sketch

Last week I was invited to go with my cousin Dafna to a roof apartment in Tel-Aviv for an afternoon of quiet nude model sketching (no, I wasn’t drawing in the nude, only the model was naked, but thank you for asking).

The model was very good. I was especially fascinated by her long fingers and toes, and at the same time tried not to waste all of my time on them, as I don’t need a naked model for fingers and toes…

15 minutes. regular and white pencils

Fascinating Toes

10 minutes regular and white pencils.

15 minutes graffite and colored pencils.

5 minutes of pure pain? and a pencil.10 minutes, brown pencil.5 interesting minutes, pencil.

15 minutes black pen.

25 minutes, colored pencils.


3 responses to “Saturday Sketch

  1. Hi there, those are lovely! I remembered them vaguely from the model session, but forgot how fluid and well balanced they are. I love the one with the feet (second one from the top). Very cute! We should do this again sometime.

  2. נהדר… אהבתי את הרישום של ה15 דקות בגרפית ועפרונות צבעונים והצבע הנוסף מקפיץ את העבודה
    גם הרישום של ה15 דקות בעט שחור מעולה
    גם אני רוצה בפעם הבאה….

  3. תודה לשתיכן, ונטע את צודקת לגמרי, פעם הבאה גם את באה 🙂

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