The 31 Days Nail Polish Challenge

Day 31: Re-Create Your Favorite Challenge

As you can see, this post is all about nail polish. It is a challenge I took upon myself a few months ago (after reading about it in my friend’s [Hebrew] nail polish blog), and wasn’t sure about publishing here, because this is not a cosmetics blog. Anyway, I published the pictures (on a daily-ish basis) on my Facebook page and they got a lot of great comments, and generally made a lot of buzz around friends and friends of friends. And so, I’ve decided I should really give them the spotlight they deserve, mostly because of the Nail-Art part of this challenge, which actually does fit here nicely.

I just wanted to state that I never made nail-art before, only plain good old fashioned nail polish, but the thing about challenges is that, well – they tend to challenge and get more out of me then usual. That’s what I like about them, and here is a taste of what this particular challenge got out of me:

Day 10: Gradient Nails

Day 13: Animal Print

Day 19: Galaxies

Day 22: Inspired by A Song

Day 23: Inspired by A Movie

Day 24: Inspired by A Book

Day 24: Inspired by A Book

Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

Day 28: Inspired by A Flag

Day 29: Inspired by The Supernatural

You can see my entire nail polish challenge here, and you are more than welcome to ask questions and comment here in my blog, as I don’t think you can comment directly in my album if you are not a Facebook friend.

Here are a few additional bloggers who took on the challenge, whose work I really liked:

Let them have polish
The nailasaurus
Copy that copy cat



3 responses to “The 31 Days Nail Polish Challenge

  1. You’re awesome!
    My inspiration 🙂

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