There Is No Place Like Oz


Julio and Dorothy's Shoes

Over a year has passed since I wrote my post about the phonebook dress, in which I have linked to these pair of newspaper-covered shoes by Lindsey North. Lindsey has intended to upscale her shoes, but unfortunately she covered them with too many layers of hardener and took the shoes out of use, so instead of wearing them, she ended up nailing them to the wall as a reminder of her mistake.

newspaper shoes

I think its incredible how whenever I look at this picture that basically depicts a failed project, I am refilled with inspiration and desire to create something new.

While working on said post, and re-viewing this photograph, I got inspired again. This time it pushed me in the direction of the actual shoes hanging on the wall, rather then the use of newspaper. The concept of hanging shoes on the wall for decoration is very new and refreshing to me, and immediately connected with another piece of inspiration I’ve been meaning to harness for a while: The Wizard Of Oz, and specifically – Dorothy’s shoes.


dorothy 1dorothy 2dorothy 3dorothy 4

The shoes I’ve created are made of paper, so as tempting as it is, and despite of  how I made it seem in the pictures, they cannot be worn, and will crumble under my body weight if I tried to walk on them.

What I can do with them is hang them on my wall, or put them on a shelf.

I’ve created a tutorial for the making of these paper shoes, and I intend to post it in a few days, for all of you who got curious, so stay tuned…


4 responses to “There Is No Place Like Oz

  1. Like like like 🙂 Especially Julio waiting to jump on them

  2. & you inspire me to make shoes
    for my self
    by my self
    so pls post the promised tutorial

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  4. Thank you both!
    Ira – I’ve posted the tutorial – and now it’s your turn to go and make some shoes, and then send me the pictures to enjoy

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