Me-Made-May’12–Challenge accepted!

 The nail polish challenge has really shown me what I can do when I’m being  challenged, and I like it a lot.  Therefore, I hardly hesitated when I’ve learned about the upcoming Me-Made-May’02 challenge, which is a very simple one to explain: I must wear at least one different self-made garment every day, for the entire month of May.

As of tomorrow, I will (try to) post a short, mainly pictorial post every day, to show you the hand-made item I chose for that day.

This year’s May is full of events, starting from my birthday (May 2nd), through three different wedding parties, and ending with a short trip to a Rock festival in Lisbon, which basically means I will have a hard time keeping up with the daily blogging, but it also means I can expect  an awesome month for a diversified clothing challenge.

And this is my pledge:

I, Galit of Flies in My Eyes , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavor to wear at least one different handmade or refashioned item each day for the duration of May 2012.

Wish me luck!

(Off to choose my cloths for tomorrow)


14 responses to “Me-Made-May’12–Challenge accepted!

  1. damn, now I’ll have to find my facebook password to follow the action…

  2. No you don’t…I’m gonna post everything right here 🙂

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