Me-Made-May: Sparkles & Stripes Dress

Today was my birthday (woo-hoo!), and combined with the challenge it gave me a great reason to wear one of my favorite self-made piece of clothing in my closet: a stretchy silver-grey dress with a black and white striped top, whose main attraction is its application cluster below the right shoulder.

Just a basic, simple and cute dress that gets it’s beauty from the small details.

Sparkles & Stripes Dress - front

Sparkles & Stripes Dress - details

Sparkles & Stripes Dress - back - button


7 responses to “Me-Made-May: Sparkles & Stripes Dress

  1. לא בטוח אם זו השימלה או את, אבל התמונה מקסימה. וגם הרקע שבחרת משעשע 🙂

  2. תודה רבה 🙂 אני משתדלת!

  3. Gorgeous
    I love the simple cut of the dress
    & of course god is in the details

  4. Deborah says this is beautiful 🙂 Where did you photo it?

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