Me-Made-May: Little Black Ribboned Dress

As a great start to the weekend,  I spent my evening at a friend’s wedding party, and wore one of the two dresses I designed at my second year in Shenkar College, in a class called The Little Black Dress.  You won’t be seeing the other dress in this challenge, because it was designed to fit a very tall model, and I can’t really wear it.

Little Black Ribboned Dress - front

Little Black Ribboned Dress -spreadLittle Black Ribboned Dress -back








This post will hopefully be updated once I get hold of the pictures from the wedding itself.


4 responses to “Me-Made-May: Little Black Ribboned Dress

  1. מההמת, חבל שבתמונות לא רואים את כל הפרטים הקטנים של השמלה.

    • תכלס. אני צריכה מתישהו להעלות פוסט עם תמונות איכותיות של 2 השמלות מהפרוייקט ההוא.

  2. Gorgeous!!

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