Me-Made-May: Refashioned Polka-Dots Top

When I pledged to wear at least one different handmade or refashioned item, this is the refashioned shirt I thought about.

I got this garment at a second hand store, not the fancy, mid-city kind, but the charity kind. It was a dress, originally, and I intended to use it for the same project I eventually sewed the buttons-print blouse. When that project was behind me, I was left with a big dress that didn’t quite sit right on me, but had a great polka-dots pattern, so I decided to convert it to a shirt, and in order to make it feel more “me”, I added this cute embroidery on some of its dots.

Refashioned Polka-Dots Top



9 responses to “Me-Made-May: Refashioned Polka-Dots Top

  1. Love this, fab job!

  2. great touch…

  3. The top looks great – made even better with the embroidery detail – love it! – I want to add more of these touches to my sewing!

  4. trishalarken

    Very creative!

    Trisha recently posted.. I am an Avenger and I Save the World

  5. This blouse is so cute! It’s great you didn’t gave up on it.
    & of course you’re the master of the details,
    I love the embroidery, it gives the garment a personal touch.

  6. Thank you for all your great comments!

  7. Love that =D That looks like a good refash!

  8. Great job, I love this top.

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