Me-Made-May: Moon Beams Top

I woke up this morning at the unreasonable five a.m’s, and drove off with my husband and my dog to have an early morning pre-workday picnic. The official reason to hold this event was the super-moon phenomena, which basically means that the moon was going to be seen extra-big and bright this morning. So for this occasion I looked for my most moon-ish self-made outfit, and came up with this silver diagonal stripes shirt I made, with ribbing finishes and a knot on the side.

There is actually a cool gimmick to this shirt, which I, foolishly, forgot to take picture of, since it can be worn either as the knotted shirt you see here, or as a dress, by simply untying the knot and loosing the fabric.

Moon Beams Top

By the way, we did not get to see the super-moon this morning, since the skies were covered in clouds that went away only when the moon was no longer visible…  but at least I got these nice outdoors photos.



3 responses to “Me-Made-May: Moon Beams Top

  1. Two pretty models!

  2. Really cute! And Chani is cute too =]

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