Me-Made-May: Brown Cut Shirt

This shirt was the first item of clothing I sewed when I decided to join the MMM challenge. It is made out of two fabrics I bought a few years back for a project which ended up without any sewing, eventually, and left them unused. Since then I’ve been wanting to create a garment that will combine the two of them together, and now this challenge has given me an incentive to finally sew it.

Brown Shirt - front

Brown Shirt - back

Brown Shirt - detail


5 responses to “Me-Made-May: Brown Cut Shirt

  1. כל כך מגניב! מה הבדים? הבד בחלק התחתון הוא סריג?

  2. I really love this top. The fabrics are so beautifully put together, the top is amazing.

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