Me-Made-May: Power Of Three

Hi all!
Today I wore this magenta t-shirt. It is pretty basic, except for the shoulder where the front and back of the shirt are overlapping and connecting to the sleeves. To decorate it a bit, I added this fun brooch I made (and already got an order for one of these from a co-worker today).
In addition, I thought it was about time to show you my Ramona Bag, which I sewed for last year’s Purim – I go with it practically every day anyway, you might as well see it too.
I wrote a separate post about this bag about a year ago, and for some reason never posted it, but I plan to redeem for it by finally posting it very soon.

Power Of Three

Magenta shirt - detail

Lady Brooch


3 responses to “Me-Made-May: Power Of Three

  1. It looks so comfortable. The colour suits you and I love the little brooch. And of course I love the bag, it goes well with the shirt.

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