Me-Made-May: Pleated Striped Mini-Skirt

This evening I’ve decided to wear and show you this pleated skirt, which was the first wearable garment I made with my sewing machine, six years ago (during the first semester break of college), before I even knew how to sew a back zipper on right (and that is the reason why you don’t get a picture of how this skirt looks from behind…).

I originally styled this skirt on a mannequin, using crude fabric,  as part of “Draping” class (דיגום חופשי). I later copied the parts to this striped fabric and worked on it at home, all the way into the night on the last day before my new semester started, and wore it to school the next day to show off to my peers and teacher.

Pleated Striped Mini-Skirt

Pleated Striped Mini-Skirt - close up


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