Me-Made-May: Green Striped Shirt with Lace

This shirt is part of an unfinished project of mine, inspired by the book and film “The Secret Garden”. I plan to show you some more stuff from it during this challenge, but what I really ought to do is make a normal photo-shoot, preferably with a model who isn’t myself, so I will finally have good photos of this three-years-old-project, with its two complete outfits. Until this is done, I won’t really feel comfortable wearing parts of that project because of the chance I will somehow ruin the cloths before they were properly documented… For now I settled on wearing the shirt for a short evening with friends, and when I came back home I quickly changed.

The shirt itself was sewed with a long body, which I gathered to give a more casual look. I attached a pre-made vintage lace cleavage, and the sleeves are finished with elastics.

Green Striped Shirt with Lace


4 responses to “Me-Made-May: Green Striped Shirt with Lace

  1. The lace at the neckline is an interesting touch. I like it.

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