Me-Made-May’12: Blue Flies Printed Skirt

Today I wore the first of my two new printed skirts I created for the MMM challenge. Like the brick print tank I posted yesterday, this skirt has been made entirely by me, from the pattern, through the print design and applying, and to the sewing part, which was much more complex than that top.

I printed on the cut pieces of fabric before the sewing phase. I knew I wanted to print on this skirt, but wasn’t sure how, and before trying to print at home using low-tech homely methods, I figured it’s worth a shot to ask to use the screen printing equipment of my workplace business associates’ workshop. He was really happy to help, and so I found myself doing it all by the book, though I foolishly forgot to take pictures of this cool process. I created two stencil designs which I’ve printed on to two skirts, a shirt and some wallets to-be.

It is very satisfying to create such a complete piece of work, all by myself, and I’m very happy with the result.

Blue Flies Printed Skirt - front

Blue Flies Printed Skirt - back pocket


6 responses to “Me-Made-May’12: Blue Flies Printed Skirt

  1. שווה!
    ממש יפה

  2. Gorgeous skirt!
    And it looks so professionally made, with the print, the denim stitches
    & the POCKETS
    How cool are they!

  3. I like it! Where did you get that neat fabric? I’m always looking for places with odd/awesome fabric =D

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