Me-Made-May’12: Refashioned White Dress

Like the Refashioned Polka-Dots Top, I found this dress at the local second hand store. It was ridiculously cheap and I liked its shape, but it still just sat in my closet because something was missing.

At a certain point, after I purchased my overlock sewing machine, I got to experimenting with all sort of threads. I cut these two embroidered  piecesRefashioned White Dress - back out of an old shirt my mom wanted to get rid of, and gave them a silver thread finish. I then attached them to the front of the dress for a look that reminds me a cute apron, Alice In Wonderland-style.

I looked for a way to add another silver touch somewhere on the dress, to make it more complete, and than decided to use some of my silvery knick-knacks for that purpose.


Refashioned White Dress - front

Refashioned White Dress - apron detail

Refashioned White Dress - detail


4 responses to “Me-Made-May’12: Refashioned White Dress

  1. איזה יופי

  2. חסר לי תמונות של ה”לפני” ושל תהליך השינויים שעשית בה. נשמע מעניין.

    • אני יודעת, אבל מה לעשות שזה היה הרבה לפני שהיה לי בלוג ולא חשבתי לצלם. גם היום אני לא תמיד זוכרת לצלם כל דבר…

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