Me-Made-May’12: Neon Printed Denim Skirt

Neon Printed Denim Skirt - Lisbon

I’m back from Lisbon, which was truly amazing,  and in spite of all its distractions I managed to keep on with the challenge, and wore different me-made item each day. Obviously I’m a bit overdue with my blogging about it, but I will attempt to catch up on it all over these following days.

Neon Printed Denim Skirt - front close upOn Thursday we arrived to Lisbon and started our short vacation with a walking tour across the city’s popular sites and beautiful streets. I chose to inaugurate my  second printed skirt I made for this challenge. I used the same pattern I made for the Blue Flies Printed Skirt and the printing process was also the same.

This skirt is my favorite between the two. Although while working on it I thought the other one was far more interesting and beautiful, when I finished sewing the skirts I changed my mind: the red skirt turned out a bit clownish, while the denim one is quite snazzy.

Neon Printed Denim Skirt - back

Neon Printed Denim Skirt - front


7 responses to “Me-Made-May’12: Neon Printed Denim Skirt

  1. Love this skirt.! Both the design and the print…very snazzy indeed!

  2. great skirt indeed…

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  4. זאת גם יותר יפה בעיני מבין השתיים. בכלל היא נהדרת, שילוב הצבעים ממש יפה והדוגמנית משגעת

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