‘Me-Made-May’12: Sprinkles T-Shirt

Sunday was mainly dedicated to the flight home, and for that purpose a simple T-shirt works best. I didn’t sew this shirt, I just printed my design on it.

Sprinkles T-Shirt - Lisbon

Sprinkles T-Shirt - detail

Two years ago I worked at a t-shirt printing store, and had access to this great cutting machine and a variety of printing materials, and so naturally I used it to create some cool stuff for myself. When I was in Canada I packed some of these shirts with me and got nice pictures of them. These pictures were meant to be part of one of my first blog posts, and for some reason this never took place. I think now could be a good time to share them with you, but it’ll be in another post, hopefully soon.


5 responses to “‘Me-Made-May’12: Sprinkles T-Shirt

  1. Super cute!

  2. ובכן, אני יודעת מה אני רוצה ליומולדת הקרוב

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