Me-Made-May’12: Cat Playing with Yarn Shirt

Yesterday’s shirt was created as part of Knits Class in college. My inspiration came from cats playing with yarn, and the shirt was not part of the final collection, but a side assignment in which I was required to create a unique T-shirt that really communicates the inspiration.

The shirt itself is built  from spiral panels that gathers into a ball on the stomach, and is meant to resemble a ball of yarn that the cat is playing with.  The cat application is a quick cat drawing I did with Tulip fabric paint on a piece of fabric, cut it out, and attached to the shirt with needlework.
On the back  of the shirt the panels meet again in a whirl. The exposed skin of the back is a way to show how the cat scratched and tore the fabric.

Cat Playing with Yarn Shirt - front

Cat Playing with Yarn Shirt - dedail

Cat Playing with Yarn Shirt - back


9 responses to “Me-Made-May’12: Cat Playing with Yarn Shirt

  1. I’ve never seen this one back in college, It’s brilliant!

  2. One of the best tops I’ve seen. So cute and special!

  3. Thank you all! I’m proud of it too, but don’t wear it too often since the open back (=no bra) and the type of fabric clashes a bit, if you know what I mean 🙂

  4. רעיון גדול.

  5. חולצה מדהימה!
    לא מצליחה להתחיל להבין איך עושים דבר כל כך מורכב ונפלא 🙂

  6. מהמם…

  7. I want this shirt! So cute!

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