Me-Made-May’12: Yellow Pleated Dress

I made it! Today was the last day of the me-made-may challenge, and I am very proud of myself that I did it and haven’t given up, even though it stopped being exciting and started to be a burden about two weeks into it.  I am very glad I signed up to it, because it really re-ignited my passion for sewing and creating, and also got me back to blogging about it.

I finished this yellow dress one month ago, so it was ready just in time for the challenge, but I  knew I would wait until the end of the month so I could wear it today, for my husband Idan’s birthday. The dress has an open back and it is tied behind the nape of the neck. I made it from leftover fabric, and it came out a bit too short, so I attached this rainbow stripes fabric to the hem line. For final touch I sewed two matching buttons to the waistline .

Yellow Pleated Dress


6 responses to “Me-Made-May’12: Yellow Pleated Dress

  1. יש לך תמונות של השמלה מאחור?

  2. עכשיו זה דווקא יותר מעניין. אני רוצה הדגמה בלייב!

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