Pocket Towelettes

My father plays Tennis regularly for the past twenty something years. Every now and then he comes to me asking for some small improvement for his sports gear. Last time he wanted me to upgrade his hat so that it’ll shed his ears and not just the forehead and the back of his neck.

This time he asked me to split a regular towel into small towels, so that each one could easily fit in his pants pocket, and be accessible, in order for them to serve him better during a tennis match.

And so this Friday I cut the towel he gave me into eight 20×20 cm mini-towels, and sew the hems nicely. Piece of cake for me, and a great gimmick for him: kind of a modern man’s handkerchief.

Pocket Towelettes

Pocket Towelette in my pocket


One response to “Pocket Towelettes

  1. סחטיין על הפרסומת הסמויה ללק שלך

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