Red Sparklers–The saga continues…

Red Sparklers brooch & cat

Dorothy’s Bling Bling shoes continue to inspire me. After showing you the wall decoration I made and giving you a detailed walk-through,  I was sure this was going to be my final entry about these red sparklers. And yet, I find myself attracted to create more, probably because these shoes combine together three of the most wonderful thing on the planet: magic, sparkle, and shoes.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you two cute things I made a while ago and forgot all about, until watching the new Oz the Great and Powerful movie last week (even though the magic shoes weren’t in this film at all):

Red Sparklers brooch: made  from Fimo, with little  Swarovski stones.

Red Sparklers brooch

The wicked witch of the east  bookmark: the credit for this awesome idea is to Kira Nichols from oops i craft my pants. I just added the witch’s body and the yellow brick road instead of her cardboard piece. Made from Fimo, paper and a transparent wallpaper for an improvised lamination.

my wicked witch of the east bookmark

the wicked witch of the east bookmark - frontthe wicked witch of the east bookmark - back


3 responses to “Red Sparklers–The saga continues…

  1. *LOVE* this!

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