Secret Postcards (#2)

Yesterday I received an email inviting me again to participate in The Secret Postcard project via the annual “Fresh Paint” contemporary art fair. I don’t have the postcards yet to show you, and even if I had I am not allowed to publish them until after the fair, as the whole purpose of this project is for people to buy artwork without knowing in advance who’s it from… But as I enrolled I realized I never published the postcards I made for last year’s fair.

Unlike my first time around, for last year’s project I wanted to create free drawings, directly on the blank postcards provided to me. I did two quick drawings with pencil, and then decided to add some light color to them with colored pencils and water colors.

Secret Postcard

Secret Postcard

Fun anecdote: On the first day of the fair, I received a text from a friend who didn’t know I participated. She saw a postcard she liked, thought she recognized my style and bought it so that she could check. It really was one of my postcards, and made us both happy and proud in ourselves, each one for her own reasons.

Secret Postcard


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