My First Teddy

First Teddy  

When I was about ten or eleven, I had a good friend who, like me, enjoyed making things by herself. We made tiny doll furniture and outfits and that sort of stuff. Her mother had a sewing machine and she taught her how to use it. In one of my visits, this friend suggested that we would sew our own teddy bears. I was thrilled by the idea, and we both started working on copying and cutting all the parts. As for the sewing – we started with the ears, and that’s the only thing we managed to do before it was very late and I had to return home. During the next few weeks we intended to continue the work, but somehow it was never the right time. There were other creations and adventures to go on about, and eventually it was forgotten. Once in a while I would find the bag with all the teddy pieces, ponder on how I have to finish it, and forget about it all over again. I clung to it for years, finally throwing the bag out just a couple of years ago in one of my apartment moving.

Now that I have my own sewing machine (I actually have two!), and even an access to the world wide web with all the information in the world, I’ve decided to finally make a teddy of my own. After a bit of exploring I got a pattern, ordered a few accessories on-line,  and even got a few ideas on how to make cool prints so the teddy would be desirable enough for others to want to pay for it as well, but as a first step decided to create a sample to test the pattern and making.

Attaching the joints

It was a lot of work!


I suspect that the smaller the teddy, the harder the work (and I have an even smaller pattern awaiting my attention), but it did came out pretty and looks very professional. I made a fully jointed, squeaking miniature teddy all by my own.

So my first teddy is a success, but I still need to figure out how to translate it to something sellable. In its current format, it takes way too much work, so to make it worth my time I would have to charge more than any sane person would pay. Anyway, I’ve put this project on hold until I figure out what changes should I do to keep it fun and special but also profitable.

First Teddy Heart

07/04/16  Update: This teddy is now available for sale at my Etsy store!


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