When King Kong Took Over Purim

When King Kong Took Over Purim 

In Purim 2013 Idan and I were invited to a costume party with a Monsters theme ( Monster Mash!) and that is how I came up with this costume idea.

 King Kong

I was King Kong. Idan was the Empire State Building. For all of Purim I randomly climbed on the poor man’s roof top, punched my chest and roared. It was hilarious!

When King Kong Took Over Purim 2When King Kong Took Over Purim 3

The Making

I do not intend to give an elaborate tutorial on how I made the costume. It was two years ago and I didn’t take enough pictures during the process anyway, but I will give a brief glance.

The empire state building

The Empire State Building is made of two parts: the hat and the gown. The hat was made from a dissected shoe box. I shaped it as the top of the building (more or less) while trying to make it fit not horribly uncomfortably on Idan’s head, coloured it and glued the little blond doll on it.



WindowsThe gown is a very simple, strait shaped, long piece. I used a grey,cheap, stained knit I had. I represented windows by printing rows of squares on the front, using a template I made for this. The gown was easily put on top of regular cloths. 




For King Kong I could have bought a full body gorilla suit, but this would have been no fun. Also, knowing myself well, I had to make something light because I am always hot. I decided to buy only a pair of gorilla feet, and made a partially furry leotard  for myself. The sleeves, back and hood were of a relatively light and short-haired faux fur. the front was regular black Lycra. I also wore black (looks more like grey…) leggings underneath.

mask making

mask painting

The mask was the most fun to make. I hate masks that cover everything and make it hard to breath, so I knew I wanted to keep the mouth free. I also left big nostrils’ holes. I shaped the mask from White Club to fit well on my face and most important – keep it lightweight. I coloured it with acrylics. Underneath the mask I coloured my face black, taking special care around the eyes.

The empire state building 4The empire state building 5

And, apart from paying the medical bills to fix Idan’s broken back after Purim was over – that was it!


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