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Toothless Backpack


About a month prior to Halloween, I was contacted by the lovely Britny Gutierrez, who wanted to know if I could make a small light denim backpack for her 6 months old baby. She wanted to dress him up as Dustin from ‘Stranger Things’, which is pure genius in my opinion, since he doesn’t have his teeth out yet… Britny herself was (of course) going as Eleven.

We set up a price and I got to work. This is the outcome and Britny was gracious enough to send me some pictures of the complete costume. Her kid is adorable and the entire thing is so awesome! Well, you already know I’m a sucker for a good cosplay.


And thanks to her, you can now also purchase The Light Denim Backpack on my Etsy page, for a costume or just for regular play. This backpack is specially made for toddlers who want big-children’s bag but are too small for it. It has no button, zipper or snap so it’s very easy for small hands to open, reach inside and fill up, and it has an overlap to help keep treasures secure inside.





You Remind Me of the Babe

 It's only forever, not long at all.

This year Idan thought of a perfect costume idea months ago, so I had sufficient time to make something quite detailed (oh, I would LOVE to have another day or two at the end, but that’s a common side-effect of procrastination).

The idea was to dress as characters from the legendary movie Labyrinth:  Jareth (the goblin king played by David Bowie), Sarah (sixteen year old Jennifer Connelly) and Toby (the baby). We knew this year was our only chance for such a costume, as Tom is at a perfect age (and developmental stage) to be Toby.


As Purim came closer, and party plans were made, it was decided that one of the events would include hiring a professional photographer. At first I wasn’t even sure I wanted that. Now I can’t believe I never did that before! I put so much energy into my costumes over the years, and I am never satisfied with the pictures I am left with. Anyway, I think this is the beginning of a new Purim tradition.

 So, the Labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it? Well, let's see how you deal with this little slice...


The very first part of this costume I had to be certain I had was Jareth’s hair. Everything else I can manage by myself, but I had to find somewhere to buy that wig from. Once a suitable wig was found, everything else started fitting into place as well.

The black vest is a loan from my aunt. I couldn’t alter it much since I had to return it to her safely, so I just folded the lapels inwards to give it a better shape.

dance magic dance

For the shirt, I took a second-hand buttoned shirt and started refashioning it. I elevated the waistline way up, altered the sleeves’ tops and added few layers of puff to the cuffs. I also completely changed the collar (I worked this part directly on the shirt, using a mannequin), adding fabric.

The leggings I sewed from scratch, using this very clear and thorough tutorial on So Sew Easy. When I posted a question there asking how to properly fit the leggings to my man’s anatomy, Deby sent me to Ben’s amazing quest creating a superhero’s suit, where he graciously helped me finish the pattern.

As far as the boots go, I had no idea where to find a size 44 high black boots, so I decided to fake it, and sewed these shoe-covers.

Jareth's necklace

The necklace detail was a fun thing to make. I made it from Fimo and hoped it wouldn’t brake.

For a final touch Idan put on a blue eye lens in his right eye, and shaved off his beard! This hasn’t happened in years!

 I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.


For Toby’s outfit, I kinda figured I would get a white romper and just paint red stripes on in, but when by chance I bumped into this knit, I knew I had to order it and sew the thing by myself.

What Babe?

For the pattern, I started with this jumpsuit pattern, but then decided to separate it to two pieces, keeping only the shirt and enlarging it, and making a new trousers pattern from scratch, including feet.


My part of this costume was the most minor, and practically unrecognizable without Idan and Tom’s company, but I did try to make the most out of it anyway.

Like Jareth’s shirt, I took a second hand buttoned shirt and refashioned it: got rid of the front pocket, added gatherings to the sleeves’ top and redid the cuffs.

The vest was the part in Sarah’s outfit that required the largest amount of work: I took an old, heavily beaded vest, and started by unraveling all the beads and embellishments off it. I also tried dipping the entire thing in detergent to make it a lighter colour, but this technique didn’t work this time, so I decided to cover the entire thing with another fabric (I could’ve sewed a new vest entirely, but was a bit bummed out to let all the work on the old vest be for nothing). anyway, I cut out the vest pieces and drew the flowy-leafy pattern on them with a regular brown marker. Then I sewed the whole thing together again. I added a brooch to finish the look.

 You have no power over me!

I got Sarah’s ugly shoes in a second hand store for a few shekels. They were a bit too roomy for me, but two layers of socks and good insoles made them nice and snug.

Because Sarah’s outfit isn’t really that iconic in itself, it was extra important for me to get the make-up right. I re-invented my eyebrows completely and also gave much shading to the nose, to look a bit more like her.


Bonus Section

This has nothing to do with my costume, but since you came this far look what I found while searching for Labyrinth pictures on the web!

Whip it!

Ice cream time!

Thanks Danielle Bennun for the lovely picture of us!

Last year’s Purim, also known as Purim 2014, was my first chance to celebrate the holiday as a mother. Tom was only 3 months old and I was quite exhausted. I didn’t have any idea, and wasn’t in the mood for costume making anyway. finally, about a week before Purim, I told myself I had to make SOMETHING, anything, because if I skipped this holiday I’ll feel I missed out until next year’s Purim.

I decided to make it easy on myself and focus on something simple, like just a hat for each of us (Idan, Tom and myself).

In a few days I whipped up an Ice-cream cone, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Ice cream

Super cute!

Pushing on with My Wallets

The Black & Neon Large EnvelopeThe Leopard in Pink Envelope

Do you remember my very first post? A lot of time has passed since then. I did work on my wallets for a while, and even sold a few in real life and also through Etsy to faraway lands, but I never tried hard enough, and it slowly got pushed aside, as I turned to do things that didn’t require me to handle quite so much PR. Etsy is a great tool, but it consists on so much accompanied work. Its not enough to design and sew something, I now need to spend time taking good pictures of it, writing about it, publishing it and try and keep everyone informed about it…

But after consistently ignoring my Etsy store for a long while, something changed. In December I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Tom, who fills most of my time these days. I enjoy spending time with him, yet I find  myself craving to get back on the creation track. When you can’t find time to do any creative project, you begin to wish you could do even the things you didn’t want to before.

I’ve started, little by little, to reimmerse myself in everything creative (and preferably profitable). I have managed to get a few precious hours each week in which I slowly and steadily work on designing fashion prints to sell on-line, opening a business in front of the authorities, and updating my creative blog (most important indeed!).

And so I’ve decided to try and revive my Etsy store. These past few weeks I have added a lot of new items: some of them were ready for a long time and just needed me to do SOMETHING with them, while others are quite new. I didn’t publish everything at once, because I want to have something new on my store every day for the next week or so.

I also plan to expand beyond wallets. I am working on a few exciting ideas and hopefully I could show them to you soon, assuming I’ll be a good girl and finish all of my chores.

The Something wrong Wallet in GreenThe Delusional Wallet in PeachThe Distressed Bricks WalletThe New Angle for Triangles Wallet

French Girl Greta

After uploading a special new design for Redbubble tote bags, I had to step up and produce something fitting for the new throw pillows as well…

French Girl Greta on Redbubble

I drew this one a few months ago for a “@Sketch_Dailies” assignment (on Twitter). The daily topic was “Gremlins”, and I figured it was a great opportunity to unite the sensatiable Greta with another movie icon – Rose Dewitt of “Titanic”, and her immortal meme: “Draw me as one of your French girls”. For the pillow design I just did a few tweaking and added a proper typography.

As always, you can have this design printed on a shirt too, or phones and tablets’ cases, or a tote bag.

Gremlins' GretaTitanic Rose Drawing

I Want to Go to There!

RedBubble added new tote bags for us to print on, so I’ve uploaded this new design to match:

I want to go to there! tote bag

This is my take on 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon’s famous catchphrase. As always, you can have this design printed on a shirt too, or phones and tablets’ cases. I’ve also updated all of my older designs to fit printing on tote bags and even throw pillows. Please, go and check it out! Smile

Red Sparklers–The saga continues…

Red Sparklers brooch & cat

Dorothy’s Bling Bling shoes continue to inspire me. After showing you the wall decoration I made and giving you a detailed walk-through,  I was sure this was going to be my final entry about these red sparklers. And yet, I find myself attracted to create more, probably because these shoes combine together three of the most wonderful thing on the planet: magic, sparkle, and shoes.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you two cute things I made a while ago and forgot all about, until watching the new Oz the Great and Powerful movie last week (even though the magic shoes weren’t in this film at all):

Red Sparklers brooch: made  from Fimo, with little  Swarovski stones.

Red Sparklers brooch

The wicked witch of the east  bookmark: the credit for this awesome idea is to Kira Nichols from oops i craft my pants. I just added the witch’s body and the yellow brick road instead of her cardboard piece. Made from Fimo, paper and a transparent wallpaper for an improvised lamination.

my wicked witch of the east bookmark

the wicked witch of the east bookmark - frontthe wicked witch of the east bookmark - back

10 Minutes Belt

Some time ago, my husband and I were invited to a wedding. I knew what dress I was going to wear, and what shoes, but only when I finally got dressed that evening I realized I just had to wear a red belt with it, and not a bulky one.

Unfortunately, I had no such belt in my closet. Fortunately, I did have an old elastic belt I could spare.

Using my overlock machine, I quickly sew a long tube from a strip of red lycra I had around, and after turning it inside out, I inserted the base belt through it.  I made the tube much longer then the base belt, so the elastic could stretch freely in it.

As I didn’t have much time, I kind of “cheated” on this point, and attached the tube edges to the belt base using textile glue…

Anyway, I got what I wanted and was ready in time to enjoy a great wedding, while looking exactly like I wanted!

10 Minutes Belt

The TARDIS Dress Costume

Photo by Noa PAfter finally posting all about last year’s home-made Purim costume, I realized I also wanted to share this year’s costume I made for my dear friend Danielle, according to her request.

Danielle is a big “Dr. Who” fan, and she asked me for a police box dress, and sent me this link as a good place to start. Anyway, here is what I came up with, and you can see the result on Danielle herself:


Photo by Noa P

To complete the total look of the TARDIS, Danielle made a matching head piece with a real light bulb that shines. She also had Galaxy nail art on her finger nails (same concept of what I’ve done here), to fit the all timey-wimey atmosphere.

Ramona Flowers Star Bag

I originally wrote this post over a year ago, and then for some reason just let it accumulate dust until now… I’ve shown you this bag on day 9 of the Me-Made-May challenge and promised I’ll finish the post about it soon, and so, here it is:

March was Purim, and I went with my husband to a costumes party. I looked for something geeky enough to fit the expected crowd, and came up with Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers from “Scott Pilgrim VS the World“. For Scott, I wanted to make the Smashing Pumpkins heart print shirt, which I thought was the most iconic, as I remembered it being in both the comic and the movie.

Movie Scott's Shirt

Idan's Shirt

Wigging out

I also improvised wristbands from a pair of Idan’s old gym socks. Next, I bought two wigs, for the two of us, and then butchered them both to the shape I wanted.

Anyway, I made all sorts of shenanigans for this double costume, but the most important part, at least for myself, was the creation of the Ramona Flowers bag.  I spent a few hours sewing the star-subspace-bag, in which I made a few creative decisions, so I could use materials I already had in my house, and most importantly create something I would actually want to use. So, yes, a byproduct of this holiday is my (now not so) new star bag, that I use ALL THE TIME.







I figured we probably won’t be the only Scott and Ramona couple, but I could not have imagined we would be one of 3 couples plus an extra Ramona, each with different outfit, hairstyle and accessories from different scenes of the movie! We couldn’t have planned it any better if we tried. I round everybody up for a group photo: