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Toddler Toys for Sale

New and exciting soft toys in my Etsy store!

First of all, a fun puppet set which is based on the book Cat on the Mat by Brian Wildsmith. My boy loves this set. I made it to him just before his first birthday and he adored it from the beginning. I combine the puppets with the reading of the book, or sing the book’s words to him putting on the puppets one after another as we go. He is fascinated by this and loves to play with the puppets on his own.

The Cat on the Mat Set

Second, these adorable sets, that include each: one felt doll, her beloved teddy, her wardrobe and an easy to carry around case (her bedroom).
The bedroom contains a mirror, a dresser with a pocket where all the cloths can be stored, and a bed, where the doll can get her rest. The case closes easily with a plastic snap, and has handles for easy carrying.
These sets are perfect to bring along to a long car ride, restaurant, or any other place, and will make wonderful entertainment for any child Smile 

Travel Dress Up Doll Sets

The Travel Dress Up Doll Set - Michelle

I also uploaded my first teddy (whom I told you about here) cause why not, really.

 plaid houndstooth teddy


Secret Postcards (#3)

Last June I’ve shown you my creations for the previous year’s “The Secret Postcard” project via the annual “Fresh Paint” contemporary art fair, so I figure now is about right to finally post about last year’s postcards…

Last year around the time I made my postcard’s designs, I spent much time researching doll making technics. I haven’t actually made anything substantial with that knowledge yet, but it did make the whole “choosing a subject for my postcards” issue quite easy. 

Both postcards were pencil drawn, colored in with acrylics..

Here is  my first post about The Secret Postcards.

doll making postcard 1

doll making postcard 2

A Fennec Fox Named Jeremiah

Jeremiah Fox

When my husband said jokingly, after watching this video, he wanted a fennec fox for his birthday, I laughed, but made a mental note to find him something cute when the time came. In my discreet online search later on, I found some nice stuff, but nothing that felt exactly right.
I knew what I had to do. I sat down and started the work on his fennec stuffed doll. This took some time, and as it was a surprise I couldn’t work on it when Idan was home. From time to time he would jokingly ask if it was true that I was getting him a fennec fox for his birthday, and I would say stuff about laws against raising wild animals in a private residence and so on. On one of these occasions I casually asked Idan how would he name his fox if he had one, and he replied immediately and without hesitation “Jeremiah”.
I created a pattern, loosely based on the teddy pattern I already had, completely changing the ears, nose and tail.
I recently threw out a big bunch of unused fabrics due to lack of space in my house, so when I didn’t find a suitable fabric for the fennec, I really didn’t want to go out and buy what I already threw out. I settled for a bright yellow fabric I had lying around, but gave it a little extra flair by printing on it in black and white fur pattern I made.

The eyes are also custom made, as I wasn’t satisfied with the snap-on ones I got.

For the finishing touch I went to the pet shop and got a small collar, and a cute heart shaped dog tag that I had engraved with “Idan Mazal Tov” on one side, and on the other, “Jeremiah” ♥.

Jeremiah Fox DrinksJeremiah Fox and Crane

My First Teddy

First Teddy  

When I was about ten or eleven, I had a good friend who, like me, enjoyed making things by herself. We made tiny doll furniture and outfits and that sort of stuff. Her mother had a sewing machine and she taught her how to use it. In one of my visits, this friend suggested that we would sew our own teddy bears. I was thrilled by the idea, and we both started working on copying and cutting all the parts. As for the sewing – we started with the ears, and that’s the only thing we managed to do before it was very late and I had to return home. During the next few weeks we intended to continue the work, but somehow it was never the right time. There were other creations and adventures to go on about, and eventually it was forgotten. Once in a while I would find the bag with all the teddy pieces, ponder on how I have to finish it, and forget about it all over again. I clung to it for years, finally throwing the bag out just a couple of years ago in one of my apartment moving.

Now that I have my own sewing machine (I actually have two!), and even an access to the world wide web with all the information in the world, I’ve decided to finally make a teddy of my own. After a bit of exploring I got a pattern, ordered a few accessories on-line,  and even got a few ideas on how to make cool prints so the teddy would be desirable enough for others to want to pay for it as well, but as a first step decided to create a sample to test the pattern and making.

Attaching the joints

It was a lot of work!


I suspect that the smaller the teddy, the harder the work (and I have an even smaller pattern awaiting my attention), but it did came out pretty and looks very professional. I made a fully jointed, squeaking miniature teddy all by my own.

So my first teddy is a success, but I still need to figure out how to translate it to something sellable. In its current format, it takes way too much work, so to make it worth my time I would have to charge more than any sane person would pay. Anyway, I’ve put this project on hold until I figure out what changes should I do to keep it fun and special but also profitable.

First Teddy Heart

07/04/16  Update: This teddy is now available for sale at my Etsy store!

My Drilled “Toof”

It seems lately like the only posts I have time for are the ones about contests! I promise it will change soon, but for now, one more little contest:

I’ve been following the charming “My milk toof” comics since May 2009. Though the storylines are very children-oriented, I think Inhae Lee’s photographs  themselves are lovely, and keep following her posts because of them.

The Adventures of ickle and Lardee  are about to come out in a book on march 9th, and for that occasion she is  having a fun contest, in which her readers are welcome to send in photographs  of their own milk toof designs, and maybe win a signed copy of the book.

I’ve decided to enter the competition, as it gives me an excuse to finally try and create a cute milk toof of my own.

So meet Cavitoof, my Cavitated entry, and you can view the other contestants here.

Cavitoof had too much sweets!

Sweatering Friday

Yesterday was sort of a crafting-gatherings day. I received invitations to no less then 3 different social crafting related events that may or may not include the word “Party” in their titles. It was a bit too much for one day, so I ended up going only to two of them.  And so, while my husband was lying at home with fever, I went out to report.

Silly old me forgot to bring my camera with me, and for that I should get reprimanded. But nonetheless I decided yesterday’s adventures were still worth writing – so anyway, not so many photos this time.

I received the first invitation about a month ago, which was a good thing as it needed some amount of preparation. This event was titled “An Exchange Party”, and held a genius basic concept: each participant cleans up her closet, refolds all the shirts and generally makes sure her closet is set for the none-existing winter we have. So far it sounds pretty familiar, but now I was supposed to take the insane pile of out-of-date, unneeded clothes I’ve created, and take them with me to the exchange party at Danielle’s house. The idea was that each participant would browse through her friend’s stuff for special findings, and thanks to the large amount of girls, the fun and findings  factors would rise. After the party ends, all the excess items are donated to charity.  I think the thing that really gets the whole thing rolling is the fact that unlike any other way of passing second hand items, this method relies on how much we care for how our friends sees us. we are not just throwing out clothes, nor giving it away: instead, people we know (more and less) are exposed to our junk, and so, we can’t help ourselves and try to fill our give-away pile with a lot of good-looking clothes,  and by that we are not only clearing our closets from stuff we haven’t worn since Dec’ 98, but also help out those in need, and giving something a bit more attractive than a worn out night-gown and sweatpants.

On the hour and a half I spent there there I met only 2 friends, and yet there were plenty of clothes to pick from the piles left by previous visitors. However, since my main target was to clear room in my tiny closet, I settled for adopting a cute all-over print shirt and a Light salmon pink sweater, and nothing more.

new-old stuff

I got the second suggestion from another friend, Shiri, that had heard about  this cool one day printing session, in which you can bring your own t-shirt or other clothing item, and customize it to your taste using different printing methods, such as screen printing and tie dye.

This was originally set for the previous Friday, and it attracted me mainly for the social aspect of it, the get-together and chat and laughter, as I already studied the printing part and own some printing equipment at home. Unfortunately the organizers of this workshop had to move it at the last minute to the following week, which made it rudely crash into the exchange party. So Shiri, Ofra and Keren went without me, and I hadn’t had the chance to check out their results.

The third invitation was sent to me only a couple of days ago, by Dora, to an “Artsy-Craftsy Day”, which included going to the fabric shops street in the morning, and later meeting up at her place to sew and create together with friends. I skipped the shopping part and instead got there in the early afternoon, equipped with my yarn and knitting needles and ready do some serious work.

Each girl worked on something different: cutting freshly bought  corduroy fabric for a hand bag, assembling  a sleek green pencil dress, sewing flowery couch cushion, creating tiny “Dollsis” from felt or constructing a jewelry rack out of cork board. I was working on my future sweater, real slowly, as I tend to get more chatty and less productive at these sort of events… also, I am not much of a knitter quite yet, and it certainly shows. But, I do keep optimistic, knowing that even if that sweater is just wishful thinking, at least it makes me practice the moves, so it increases the chance that my next knitting project will be completed.

My Stupid Sock Sofa Creatures

On my previous to last birthday I received an excellent present from two of my friends, Limor and Anastasia: the Stupid Sock Creatures bookthe kit and kit, which includes everything I might need to create my very own, personal, sock doll. One of the best things regarding such a gift, is the implication of a future creative get-together, in which the present given will be put to good use, an implication of great added value, if it indeed takes place.

In this case, we most certainly got together, and the three of us had a great evening of cutting, sewing and obsessing about socks. The book itself is very cute, contains detailed explanations and a variety of styles to choose from. For us, though, it was helpful mainly as an inspirational/motivational tool, since we all know how to sew and create, and just needed a little push.

Galit's Stupid Sock Creatures

I’ve created one sock creature that day, and matched it with a partner in the following week, so it wouldn’t get lonely. They are both modeled in the spirit of the creatures in the book, but in a mix-and-match way, and with some improvements of my own, to make them unique. They are named Moses and Greta Garbo, which in Hebrew have nice puns involving the word ‘sock’ (גרטה גרבו ומשה גרבנו).

After sewing these first two cuties, I’ve decided to wait a while until my next doll creation, since between my stupid sock creatures and my Mr. hanky and Mono dolls, our living room increasingly looks like a nine-year-old girl’s and less like a married couple’s.

I guess what I probably need is baby, so I would have someone allegeable to pin these dolls’ and the future ones to… so, as I was saying, yes, I’m gonna take some more time until my next doll creation.