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Renewing Flies in my eyes Online Store!

I finally Renewed my online Etsy store! There is still a lot of work to be done, but I managed to upload my first  babies and toddlers’ listings and the shop is starting to reflect my currant interests. This is very exiting for me, and even though everything is made in baby steps I am very pleased with my progress and outcome. Please check it out and add my shop to your favorites to get updates and easy access.

The Autumn Stars Baby QuiltThe Cute Watermelons Baby Quilt

The Tractors & Flowers Red & Blue Baby Quilt - with dark blueThe Brown & Pink Penguins Baby Quilt


Fabric Bed Rail

Fabric Bed Rail

Last week we leveled up in our sleep arrangements, as we moved our boy from a crib to a bed. On the second day I found out it wasn’t enough to have bed rails on just one side of the bed, as Tom managed to partially fall between the bed and the wall…
After some thought I improvised  a fabric bed rail, using this pretty matrushka (nestling doll) quilted fabric I bought in Japan once upon a time, and never decided what to do with it. 

It looks natural in a child’s room, and is fairly strong and does a good job of preventing him from falling.

Tom fools around in his new bed

Door Signs for All



The first thing I made for my baby, before the delivery, was a cute door sign (I filled in his name later…). I wanted to give something personal to my nephew, and couldn’t resist the temptation to make another gift for my own child, with whom I was seven or eight months pregnant at the time.


My son's sign

Door signs are a fun way to give a personal touch to a room or house. they are easy to make and I like the complete freedom to create it as silly or elegant as you like. In this case, I made the signs for 2 baby boys’ rooms, so I wanted to make something cute and fun. My main guideline for colors was to try to avoid the light-blue cliché. I chose a stegosaurus for my son’s sign as it was our in-utero nickname for him.

My cute nephew's sign