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Ice Cream Rage

Today I took a short break from my Etsy store to finish off this cute illustration and to upload it all around to RedBubble, Society6 and TeePublic.

Now say it with me:

I scream,
you scream,
we all scream
for ice cream!

ice cream rage


Whip it!

Ice cream time!

Thanks Danielle Bennun for the lovely picture of us!

Last year’s Purim, also known as Purim 2014, was my first chance to celebrate the holiday as a mother. Tom was only 3 months old and I was quite exhausted. I didn’t have any idea, and wasn’t in the mood for costume making anyway. finally, about a week before Purim, I told myself I had to make SOMETHING, anything, because if I skipped this holiday I’ll feel I missed out until next year’s Purim.

I decided to make it easy on myself and focus on something simple, like just a hat for each of us (Idan, Tom and myself).

In a few days I whipped up an Ice-cream cone, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Ice cream

Super cute!

Secret Postcards

Hello again!

This last weekend was the annual “Fresh Paint” contemporary art fair, and unfortunately I couldn’t make it, even though I really wanted to come (on the other hand – yay! weekend with friends up north!).

Among many art exhibitions , there were two projects for the community: the winners of this year’s “Get Out of the Box” competition were revealed there, and also another one in which I did participate, The Secret Postcard project, to which I donated  two original postcard-sized pieces of my own.

I wanted the two postcard to “talk” with each other, so I decided on a common theme: “Fox desires Ice-cream”. both are hand drawn with black permanent marker on paper, and glued to fabric, glued on the postcards. So here are my postcards, this time credited…

Fox Desires Ice Cream by Galit Zeierman

Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

My husband writes to me the most beautiful, hilarious, touching greeting cards, but as far as presentation goes, he is satisfied with printing the text directly from “Word” to a blank A4 paper.

But for me, especially when given sufficient time, Greeting cards are a fun and casual way to let the artsy juices shake, under the excuse of showing your friends how much you care.

Last Thursday, my Simpsons-fan friend Barak had celebrated his birthday. In honor of the occasion we got him an Homer T-shirt and a Duff beer coozy from 80’s tees, and I also wanted to make him an appropriate greeting card.

The Simpsons clouds

I’ve decided to go with the classic Simpsons clouds  motif, in order for the card to communicate with the present (the card says “to Barak” in Hebrew):

To Barak :)

Happy Birthday!

Here is a card I made for Ofra and Dor’s house warming, and the text expresses (among other things) my desire for their new home to accommodate more ice-cream than the previous one…

Ice cream cardmmm… ice-cream…

inside the doves card The last example for today is a fold-up card I made for my brother-in-law’s wedding. This, I think, is self-explanatory:

doves wedding card