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Ice Cream Rage

Today I took a short break from my Etsy store to finish off this cute illustration and to upload it all around to RedBubble, Society6 and TeePublic.

Now say it with me:

I scream,
you scream,
we all scream
for ice cream!

ice cream rage



Seems cousin Itt got a haircut Winking smile

A new fun artwork, done by hand using markers. I uploaded it to my redbubble  and my society6 shops

hair low

Resting Cat Face

Stop that.

Go away.

Like I said, I’m making an effort to upload more artwork I had in the pipeline before Christmas. 

As always you can buy this print on a T-shirt, bag, pillow, mug, or any number of products available on my Redbubble shop and my Society6 shop.


♥ My Companion ♥

Christmas is approaching, and with it a flow of costumers to my RedBubble shop. For this occasion I’m putting my sewing work on hold and try to push forward a few more designs to my online shops.

This one is for all of you Firefly and Portal fans out there (a bit of a niche, I know…). You can find it in Redbubble, and also at Society6, another online shop I joined.

My Companion

Door Signs for All



The first thing I made for my baby, before the delivery, was a cute door sign (I filled in his name later…). I wanted to give something personal to my nephew, and couldn’t resist the temptation to make another gift for my own child, with whom I was seven or eight months pregnant at the time.


My son's sign

Door signs are a fun way to give a personal touch to a room or house. they are easy to make and I like the complete freedom to create it as silly or elegant as you like. In this case, I made the signs for 2 baby boys’ rooms, so I wanted to make something cute and fun. My main guideline for colors was to try to avoid the light-blue cliché. I chose a stegosaurus for my son’s sign as it was our in-utero nickname for him.

My cute nephew's sign

Children’s Book Illustrations

Dr. Einat Nativ, resident in children and youth psychiatry, wrote a children’s book about the experiences of an hospitalized boy, and asked me to illustrate it for her. For now, there are only a few printed copies of the book (made privately). We both hope the book will soon get published, but for now I wanted to show you a few illustrations from it.

I drew these illustrations with pencil, then digitally colored them.

Ear check