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Toothless Backpack


About a month prior to Halloween, I was contacted by the lovely Britny Gutierrez, who wanted to know if I could make a small light denim backpack for her 6 months old baby. She wanted to dress him up as Dustin from ‘Stranger Things’, which is pure genius in my opinion, since he doesn’t have his teeth out yet… Britny herself was (of course) going as Eleven.

We set up a price and I got to work. This is the outcome and Britny was gracious enough to send me some pictures of the complete costume. Her kid is adorable and the entire thing is so awesome! Well, you already know I’m a sucker for a good cosplay.


And thanks to her, you can now also purchase The Light Denim Backpack on my Etsy page, for a costume or just for regular play. This backpack is specially made for toddlers who want big-children’s bag but are too small for it. It has no button, zipper or snap so it’s very easy for small hands to open, reach inside and fill up, and it has an overlap to help keep treasures secure inside.






My Drilled “Toof”

It seems lately like the only posts I have time for are the ones about contests! I promise it will change soon, but for now, one more little contest:

I’ve been following the charming “My milk toof” comics since May 2009. Though the storylines are very children-oriented, I think Inhae Lee’s photographs  themselves are lovely, and keep following her posts because of them.

The Adventures of ickle and Lardee  are about to come out in a book on march 9th, and for that occasion she is  having a fun contest, in which her readers are welcome to send in photographs  of their own milk toof designs, and maybe win a signed copy of the book.

I’ve decided to enter the competition, as it gives me an excuse to finally try and create a cute milk toof of my own.

So meet Cavitoof, my Cavitated entry, and you can view the other contestants here.

Cavitoof had too much sweets!