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Ice Cream Rage

Today I took a short break from my Etsy store to finish off this cute illustration and to upload it all around to RedBubble, Society6 and TeePublic.

Now say it with me:

I scream,
you scream,
we all scream
for ice cream!

ice cream rage


Team Megatron Prints

team megatron black2

Another pop-culture design I made for your printing needs! Everyone’s favorite Decepticon: Megatron! I did two variants, so choose which one you prefer, and get it now (or, you know, whenever…) on my Redbubble shop.

team megatron metal

Resting Cat Face

Stop that.

Go away.

Like I said, I’m making an effort to upload more artwork I had in the pipeline before Christmas. 

As always you can buy this print on a T-shirt, bag, pillow, mug, or any number of products available on my Redbubble shop and my Society6 shop.


♥ My Companion ♥

Christmas is approaching, and with it a flow of costumers to my RedBubble shop. For this occasion I’m putting my sewing work on hold and try to push forward a few more designs to my online shops.

This one is for all of you Firefly and Portal fans out there (a bit of a niche, I know…). You can find it in Redbubble, and also at Society6, another online shop I joined.

My Companion

French Girl Greta

After uploading a special new design for Redbubble tote bags, I had to step up and produce something fitting for the new throw pillows as well…

French Girl Greta on Redbubble

I drew this one a few months ago for a “@Sketch_Dailies” assignment (on Twitter). The daily topic was “Gremlins”, and I figured it was a great opportunity to unite the sensatiable Greta with another movie icon – Rose Dewitt of “Titanic”, and her immortal meme: “Draw me as one of your French girls”. For the pillow design I just did a few tweaking and added a proper typography.

As always, you can have this design printed on a shirt too, or phones and tablets’ cases, or a tote bag.

Gremlins' GretaTitanic Rose Drawing

“The Wire” prints

What the fuck did I do?

I recently finished watching the incredible HBO TV show “The Wire” (finally!), and so, combined with my new T-shirt design obsession, I created this cool tribute to a few of The Wire’s  characters: Lester Freamon, James ‘Jimmy’ McNulty, Sergei ‘Serge’ Malatov and Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson.

Snoop Tee

Natural Po-lice

Boris Tee

These designs are now for sale on my RedBubble page.

T-Shirts Design

Start the water-works detail

You know those T-shirts designs I’ve been blabbing about for so long? I finally set down to sort through their pictures. I also joined a platform that will allow me to sell some of the designs to anyone who wish it (will get back to this soon).

If I may quote myself:

Two years ago I worked at a t-shirt printing store, and had access to this great cutting machine and a variety of printing materials, and so naturally I used it to create some cool stuff for myself. When I was in Canada I packed some of these shirts with me and got nice pictures of them. These pictures were meant to be part of one of my first blog posts, and for some reason this never took place.

Cuteness -frontCuteness -back


use the schwarz

So now that I’ve finally shown you these designs (plus how cute I was merely two years ago), I can proceed by letting you know you can now acquire similar shirts (or stickers, or IPhone & IPad cases) through my RedBubble account.

Sprinkle Me Silly

I adjusted and renewed all of the designs to fit better on RedBubble’s products, so they are not identical to shirts I made myself. Also, their products have different fit and colors than the ones I have – but they are said to have top notch products (American Apparel shirts) and I’m sure It’ll look great. Please go over there and browse, and do mark the designs you like best as ‘favorite’, so I’ll know on where to focus my skills next.