Me-Made-May’12: Emerald City Dress

I originally made this dress for my 25th birthday. I wanted to create something festive, so I used gold piping and shoulder straps, and complemented the festive look with a 10cm golden bird that sat on my shoulder.

I haven’t wore it since. I wasn’t sure if this dress looked good enough on me. It turned out quite tight in the chest area, and particularly at the waist. But today, motivated by the challenge, I decided to wear it to my friend’s wedding, this time without the bird.

And after receiving such amount of compliments about it today, I guess it looks fine.

Emerald City Dress - front

Emerald City Dress - back


7 responses to “Me-Made-May’12: Emerald City Dress

  1. Love this dress
    The color is gorgeous!

  2. I remember it! It’s so gorgeous! You look great in it.

  3. השמלה הזו מדהימה. הצבעים, הגזרה והטוויטס של הזהב נהדר.
    אני זוכרת אותה היטב מתמונות היומולדת שלך אליו לא הגענו כי לא הוזמנו! לא יפה

  4. טוב נו, היינו בחו”ל. זה כמעט אותו דבר

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